Software ICSPMS

  • Version 01.17.1 is now EOL
  • Update to Unicode Version 02.09.8 available

    Changelog to version 2.09.2:
  • functionality write card card info back change to check whether just read information already stored in
    one earlier record
  • Module PrinterControl examines how many pages in merge documents created and limits the printed
    Number of Documents depending on Simplex/Duplex Mode to 3/6 pages if GlobalOption Collator
    installed is enable otherwise to 1 or 2 pages
  • New SystemOption <Enable MergeFieldName PAN special>
  • New SystemOption <Sheet Collector installed>
  • Option configure LogFieldField with ODBC connection is working now
  • Omron or DoubleChip module as second device displaying record and status info fixed in production
  • only 1 (simplex) or 2 (duplex) pages are printed if merged document contains more then 1 (simplex)
    or 2 (duplex) pages in case that no collector module is available
  • read repeat counter also for using contacless position in doublechip module
  • check unique data can be disabled by global parameter settings
  • second LogFileFieldConfiguration now possible
  • boundary check if last datarecord has been accessed for option “card info write back” fixed
  • MergeField with Property UpperCase, LowerCase, etc instead of NONE are now displayed with
    complete name. The last character was truncated before
  • Mechanic test is know working if more the one card module are available
  • parameter ChipReadRetry is know working for optical position too
  • Execption captured if no Bookmarks during merge process are available
  • In case that database fields for printing QR- or Datamatrix code are empty codes will not be printied
    instead of printing code with content ERROR
  • functionality write card card info back fixed. If a postponed record was re-used the used record was
    not incremented afterwards